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Reflections on Gratitude

Reflections on Gratitude “Gratitude is to your heart like oxygen is to a fire” Last week I was lucky enough to be in Bozeman, Montana for Bozeman Craft Beer Week. I had an amazing time. If you’re a craft beer … Continue reading

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How Do You Define Emotional Maturity? A Pursue Wholerness Article

   How Do You Define Emotional Maturity? “Emotional Maturity” For some people, that two-word phrase makes sense. They have run into people who are emotionally mature and they have run into people who are emotionally immature. For others, this … Continue reading

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If The Mayans Are Wrong… 12–21–12

If The Mayans Are Wrong… 12–21–12  Happy 2012! As we entered the new year I realized that if the Mayan Prophecy is correct, 2012 is our last year. According to a book that I received as a Christmas present The … Continue reading

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Eat, Pray, Love Book Review

“I wish Giovanni would kiss me.” – opening line to Eat, Pray, Love. I read this line, and this line only, to my wife and, her spur-of-the-moment reaction was that she wanted to read more.  It is a compelling start, … Continue reading

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Who Dat!!!!! New Orleans Saints – 2010 Super Bowl Winners!

“Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gunna beat them Saints?” For more info on Who Dat go to the Who Dat Wikipedia Entry. I am so happy for the Saints and all of the Gulf Coast region. I … Continue reading

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Carnegie and the True Church

As I mentioned in my review of the movie the Book Of Eli – the conflict in that movie  between Eli and Carnegie – Carnegie’s pursuit of the book that Eli has and his motivations for wanting that particular  book … Continue reading

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Book Of Eli – Movie Review

I recently saw Book Of Eli with my friend Chris. My first impression was that it was pretty violent for a movie starring the King James Bible! I spent quite a bit of time with my eyes closed and my … Continue reading

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Headed To Olympia – Windworks 10 Year Anniversary!

This afternoon my family and I are going to head north to Olympia. Windworks the first church I planted is having their 10 year Anniversary celebration and they invited us to come up and join them. In the words of … Continue reading

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NFL Conference Championship Playoff Picks!

Okay – last weekend I went 4 and 0. Let’s see how I do this weekend. Jets at the Colts. Winner Colts. The Jets are a great story however Manning is a genius. Also I think that the Jets seemed … Continue reading

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Grace, Starbucks and a Great Question

This morning (Saturday) I taught my first class at Bridge City Church – Why Grace Matters Most. I had promised people that if they came to my class that I would bring some good coffee and treats from my local … Continue reading

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