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Steven Shomler Professional Bio

Steven Shomler Professional Bio

Steven Shomler is the CEO of Spark to Bonfire , and the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of the Culinary Treasure Network

Steven is an Author, Podcaster, Content Creator, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Culinary Storyteller, and LifeStory Alchemist.

Update Dec 2023 – On August 9, 2023 Steven came back to Culmination Brewing – an iconic Portland brewery that Steven helped launch in 2014 & 2015.

Since Aug 9, 2023 Steven has been the Culmination Brewing General Manager.

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Steven’s Podcasts and Books 


Culinary Treasure Podcast

Steven is the Host and Creator of the Culinary Treasure

Portland Food Cart Stories Portland Beer Stories

Steven is the Author of Portland Food Cart Stories: Behind the Scenes with the City’s Culinary Entrepreneurs – April 2014, and Portland Beer Stories: Behind the Scenes with the City’s Craft Brewers – June 2015,

Contemporary Advances in Food Tourism Management and Marketing

Steven is also a Contributing Writer to Contemporary Advances in Food Tourism Management and Marketing – A college textbook edited by Francesc Fuste-Forne & Erik Wolf and published by Routledge on Feb 15, 2023

Link to Steven’s article about this textbook

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Fermented Wisdom: Business Lessons from the Craft Beer World  You Can Get There Faster: How to Build a Successful Personal Brand

As of Jan 2024, Steven is finishing up his next 3 new books:

You Can Get There FasterHow to Build a Successful Personal Brand Coming Fall 2024

Rocket FuelThe Power of a Successful Personal Brand Coming Early 2025

Fermented Wisdom: Business Lessons from the Craft Beer World by Steven Shomler, Dr. Sam Holloway and Dr. Mark Meckler. Coming Spring 2025 –


4 Quotes by Steven Shomler


“Travel to places that speak to you, and when you do find & savor local stories.”

“Go Have Magnificent Meals”

“Life Change Can Happen for You”

“Go Live the Life You Imagine”


The Short Story of Steven Shomler’s Professional Journey

Prior to 2011 Steven Shomler spent ten plus years working full-time in the nonprofit world and ten plus years working full-time in banking.

Steven was a banker in the summer of 2011 when he left that career to go live the life he imagined.

Steven longed to do something professionally that was for him more fulfilling and more enjoyable.

Steven began building his first brand Jan 1, 2012. He was able to bootstrap his way to a better life, as he pursued his Big Time Side Hustle.

Steven built a new career out of thin air by applying his beliefs about Branding, Marketing, Social Media and Achievement and he has been self employed since Jan 6th, 2015.

Today Steven teaches others how to go live the life they imagine and he is an Author (three books so far), a Podcaster, a Culinary Storyteller, a LifeStory Alchemist, a Consultant, an Entrepreneur, and a Speaker.


The Long Story 

Steven Shomler spent 10 + years working in banking and 10 + years working in the nonprofit world.

In the summer of 2011 Steven choose build an entirely new career catalyzed by both his love for great food and great stories and his desire to be more fulfilled professionally.

Steven is now very fulfilled in his new career working as an  Author, LifeStory Alchemist,  Culinary Storyteller,  & Speaker and he has been self-employed since Jan 6th, 2015.

LifeStory Alchemist

In Medieval times it was rumored that alchemists could take an ordinary metal like lead and transmute it into an extraordinary metal like gold.

Steven Shomler teaches other how to change their LifeStory from the Ordinary into something Extraordinary using the very same tactics and wisdom he used and still uses on his own life change path.

Wearing his LifeStory Alchemist hat Steven –

#1 Runs his company Spark to Bonfire where they create resources that inspire and equip others to Go Live The Life They Imagine.

#2 Works with individuals providing both short term & ongoing consulting designed to you guessed it – inspire and equip them to Go Live The Life They Imagine.

 Culinary Storyteller

What is a Culinary Storyteller? Simply put – a culinary storyteller is someone who tells culinary stories.

Steven absolutely love telling culinary stories and he is very grateful that he gets to this as a Writer, Author, Podcaster,  Filmmaker, and the Founder of the Culinary Treasure Network.

Steven is also the co-writer for Portland Dive Bars, and he is the Founder of Portland BLT Week.


Spark to Bonfire

Steven leveraged the power of Storytelling – branding, marketing, & social media, and Achievement – tenacity, strategy, & execution, to establish his new career and today he works with a variety of companies and individuals teaching them how to do the same.

If you would like to consult with Steven please go to for more information.


 Culmination Brewing

Steven did the social media for a Portland startup brewery – Culmination Brewing from December 2014 through May 2016. During this time Steven also assisted with the branding, marketing, and events.

While at Culmination, Steven helped catalyze and run Artisinful – The Portland Beer and Chocolate Festival 2016 and 2017, and Alchemeat – The Portland Beer and Charcuterie Festival 2015, and 2016, and he created and hosted The Back Bar Podcast – a podcast about all things Culmination.

Steven very much cherished the time he had being part of the Culmination team, and that brewery still accompanies a very special place in his heart.


Steven loves startups and business and these days you will find Steven investing a majority of his workday nurturing the brands, companies, and enterprises he has ownership in.

Portland BLT Week

Steven is the Founder, Owner, and Organizer of Portland BLT Week.


Steven Shomler is the Speaker you want. When Steven speaks he inspires, equips, and entertain.

To see this list of topics that Steven cover and for more information about having Steven Speak at your event – please go to


Steven Shomler