It’s Been a Long Six Years

The Momentum is Finally Back!

It’s Been a Long Six Years Since I Last Felt This Particular Joy and Had A Full Tank of Creative Energy

I started the professional journey I am on way back on Jan 1, 2012.

3 years and 6 days later on Jan 6, 2015, with the encouragement of my dear friend Arthur Breur I ditched my day job and became self-employed.

That 3-year 6-day period was my first “big professional push” putting in extra time and extra effort growing my brand and the two burgeoning businesses that grew out of my brand building efforts.

Late 2015 I had so much momentum and lots of creative energy! That was six long years ago.

I was working on my third culinary book and a number of other amazing things were coming together.

It’s Been 4 Years Since I Lost My Son Zayne Steven Shomler

As some of you know on Feb 8, 2016, my 17-year-old son Zayne Steven Shomler passed away and my world fell apart.

I lost all of my creative energy and I lost all of my hard fought for momentum.

For example, I did not have the creative energy needed to finish that 3rd culinary book and I lost that contract.

It took a good 3 plus years for me to recover from that devastating loss.

Finally in the fall of 2019 the grief fueled storms seemed to be passing.

Adventures in Greece + Make Your Story Extraordinary by Steven Shomler

March 2020 found me in Greece on Culinary Treasure Network business for a 10-day work trip that had us scheduled to visit more than 20 wineries and see a number of other delightful travel and culinary destinations.

I arrived in Greece early in the morning (1 AM) on Wednesday March 11th, 2020, and sadly the evening of Thursday March 12 we were headed back to the Thessaloniki airport to be sent home due to an unfolding global pandemic.

Countries including the US were closing their borders and we were told by the US State Department that we need to be back in the US by midnight Friday March 13.

Needless to say, COVID was another punch in the gut that for me delayed me feeling like I was back in the saddle making big things happen.

Last year – 2021 I started my 2nd “big professional push” putting in extra time and extra effort to grow my brands and businesses.

Finally, over this past summer I could feel momentum beginning to really build once again.

Now is it the beginning of Fall 2022 and I feel back in the saddle joyfully riding hard to have even more of the life my heart longs for!

I have so much creative energy and so many awesome things are coming together!

Spark to Bonfire . Culinary Treasure Network

At Spark to Bonfire we are helping people change their lives, or grow their brands and/or businesses, & the Bonfire Trailblazer community is growing, and at the Culinary Treasure Network we are creating excellent food and travel content and I have new writers and content creators joining our team.

Also – a few months ago the editor accepted my final submission and my 3rd book – an academic book about Culinary Tourism will be published next year by Routledge.

If you have been through a great disaster – please know that you can battle back.

If you long for a better life – please know that you really can upgrade your life.

Steven Shomler



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