We Grieve Much Because We Loved Much

We Grieve Much Because We Loved Much – RIP My Son

7 years ago today I lost my 17 year old son Zayne Steven Shomler.

The past couple of years (Feb 8, 2021 & Feb 8, 2022) were not so hard.

This year is really tough. I miss my son and his bright smile & engaging personality, and my heart is aching.

Part of me does not want to mention this part of my journey. That being said, I want to do my part to normalize the grieving process which has so many twists and turns.

Sadly, so many people in our culture don’t actually grieve the losses they experience. If you have had a loss you need to grieve it.

As I have said as I many times before – grieving is like going to the bathroom – if you don’t do it, bad things happen.

People who grieve well, live well.