Culinary Storyteller

Culinary Storyteller Steven Shomler

Culinary Storyteller

In the summer of 2011 I set out change my life and build a new career out of thin air by applying the perspectives, and tactics I had about Branding, MarketingSocial Media, and Achievement.

One of the professional endeavors that grew out that life-changing decision was becoming a Culinary Storyteller.

What is a Culinary Storyteller?

Put simply a culinary storyteller is someone who tells culinary stories.

I absolutely love telling culinary stories and I am is very grateful that I get to this.

Culinary Storyteller Steven Shomler

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To check out some of my culinary stories you can read my first two first books – Portland Food Cart Stories, and Portland Beer Stories.



You can also check out my two podcasts:

The Portland Beer Podcast  –Telling the Stories of the Portland Beer Scene and Beyond –

The Portland Culinary Podcast – Telling the Stories of the Portland Culinary Scene and



I write for two websites I founded –

Great Food Great

Great Travel Great


Culinary Storyteller Steven Shomler   Culinary Storyteller Steven Shomler




Culinary Storyteller Steven Shomler

The Beauty of Point C

I talk about becoming a Culinary Storyteller in the Spark to Bonfire video “The Beauty of Point C” –

I am Steven Shomler and I love Great Food and Great Stories!