Coffee With Steven

Coffee With Steven Steven Shomler

Coffee With Steven

I am the Founder of Spark To Bonfire Consulting and it has become common for people who hear my story, or run across my content, to want to meet with me, and pick my brain for my advice and wisdom.

For many years I met with people and shared my insights with them for free. I have reached a place in my career where I can longer afford to do that.

If you would like to meet with me, – You buy the cup of coffee (or the beer or the whiskey) and bring $99 with you, and I will be glad to collect that $99 and give you 45 minutes of my time.

If you would like meet with me and be the beneficiary of the wisdom I have learned from my  journey, and have Coffee With Steven — Please email me at [email protected] and please put “Coffee With Steven” in the subject line.

Bonfire Insights Steven Shomler

Bonfire Insights 

If you are interested in consulting with me on an ongoing basis, please go to for information about that.



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