The Irrepressible Joy of Paul Feig – Surviving COVID-19 by Steven Shomler

The Irrepressible Joy of Paul Feig – We Will Beat COVID-19 

In the past few weeks I have released 3 videos related to this terrible pandemic that we are going through – 7 Tips For Getting Through Your First Pandemic, We Will Get Through This, and Enjoying Your Life During a Pandemic.

It was in that third video – Enjoying Your Life During a Pandemic at the 16:23 mark that I talked about Paul Feig, and the incredibly encouraging daily resource he and his lovely wife Laurie Aka Tipsy Faunt provides.

The Irrepressible Joy of Paul Feig – Surviving COVID-19 by Steven Shomler

Hope and Encouragement
Each Evening at 5 PM

Each evening at 5 PM Pacific Time Paul does a nightly live video on his Instagram channel to encourage all of us as we find our way through this dark time. As of the date of the  publishing of this article Paul has released 54 episodes!

It was 5 PM on Thursday evening April 2nd that my sweetheart introduced me to Paul as he shared Quarantine Cocktail Time Episode #16 – Celebration!


As I watched & listened to this crazy man dancing around while wearing a purple tuxedo I was moved to tears – good tears.

The hope and encouragement that Paul was sharing that evening (and every evening) was exactly what I needed to hear!

Here is a link so you can see what I saw that evening –

If you are looking for something joyful and positive I highly recommend that you spend some time with Paul – it will do your heart good.

More importantly – If you are struggling and find yourself in need of some encouragement I am betting that some time with Paul be helpful.

Links where you can watch Paul are below.

Paul – Thank you sooooo much for all that you and you and your lovely wife Laurie are doing.

Please know that you are making a difference, and we are so grateful for the time and effort you are investing. ?

I look forward to someday interviewing you on the Culinary Treasure Podcast, and  filming an episode of the Culinary Treasure Show with you.

The Irrepressible Joy of Paul Feig – Surviving COVID-19 by Steven Shomler

Links to Watch Paul

Paul Feig Instagram

Paul Feig Facebook

Laurie Feig Instagram

Bonus Links

Hollywood Reporter May 11, 2020 Article about Paul“It’s a Lot of Cocktails”: A Day in the Life of Director Paul Feig During Lockdown

Punch April 13,2020 article about Paul – Paul Feig Is the “Drunk Funcle” We Need Right Now —

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