If The Mayans Are Wrong… 12–21–12

If The Mayans Are Wrong… 12–21–12 

Happy 2012! As we entered the new year I realized that if the Mayan Prophecy is correct, 2012 is our last year. According to a book that I received as a Christmas present The Mayan Prophecy 2012 by David Douglas, our last day is December 21, 2012.

Wait a minute the author’s name is David Douglas…? A shout out to my friend Andy and his Scarlet and Gray Illuminati Brotherhood.

If that prophecy is correct, the world will come to an end on 12–21–12 and you will only have 8 days to see The Hobbit—An Unexpected Journeywww.thehobbitblog.com   www.imdb.com/TheHobbit/videogallery

The Mayans had a well developed civilization covering quite a vast area.   www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_civilization


They left a number of amazing ruins in places like Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. They also left an unfinished calendar. It is that calendar that seems to be the basis of the December 2012 end-of-the-world prophecy.

If that prophecy is correct on December 21, 2012 you should party like there is no tomorrow.

If however, that prophecy is wrong, the world will not end 12–21–2012 and on 12–31–2012 we will usher in 2013.

What Will Your 2012 Calendar Reveal?

Years ago, my friend Al Gallo ( www.breakthroughwisdom.com ) taught me that looking at your past year’s calendar is one of the ways that you can know where you are headed.

If the world does not end at the end of 2012, your 2013 will be determined by what you do or do not do this year—2012.

What are your Battle Winning Tasks?

This year—2012, you can work to make next year—2013, better for you and your family. The trick is to identify what Battle Winning Tasks you need to do every day or every week. It is easy to be busy doing important things and miss the most important things that you need to get if you are going actually improve your situation.

For example, right now I have over 1200 pictures I personally took from Nov. 15 through Jan. 1 that I just imported from my iPhone into iPhoto. I have pictures of food carts, meals that I had at great Portland restaurants, etc. Most of those pictures are related to important projects on which I am working.

It would great to go through those pictures and sort them into albums based on which the projects for which they are intended. That is an important task. However if I do that at the expense of  getting my writing in each week, I am a fool. For me, writing is a Battle Winning Task. It is hard to be an author and a speaker if you do not get your writing done.

Do You Want To Show Al Your Calendar? 

If you spend time each day or each week actually getting to your Battle Winning Tasks, get a calendar and a red pen and put a check mark on each day or week that you got to your Battle Winning Tasks. The more red ink you see, the closer you are getting to your dream.

If you end up with a calendar that has lots of red ink in it,  you will be fired up to show it to others. Plus that is a great way to track your progress. My hope is that by the end of 2012 I will be excited to show Al my calendar.

December 2012 is coming and the world is not going to end on 12–21–12. Start working now to make your 2013 what you want it to be.

For more on battling for your dream see –  www.battleforyourdream.com.

If you have a dream that you are battling for, I know how hard that can be. I hope that you have encouraging people pulling for you. Please know that I am pulling for you. If I can be of any assistance or encouragement my email address is sshomler@GoodLifeSage.com

That’s it!

Steven Shomler

Good Life Sage

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0 Responses to If The Mayans Are Wrong… 12–21–12

  1. Jessica Chestnut says:

    Awesome post Steven! I look forward to reading more!

  2. “Battle Winning Tasks”. Awesome! I love it.

  3. Tracy Baker says:

    What a fantastic and inspiring post Steven – loved it!!

    Let’s hope the Mayans are wrong and that we can reflect on an awesome 2012 :o)


  4. Angie says:

    I haven’t heard the phrase “Battle Winning Tasks” but it works. Thanks.

  5. Susan Fujii says:

    Hi Steven!

    What a great blog! I love your post, the background on the Mayans, and all of the images– it’s a real meaty post with actual *content*– I will definitely be back! 🙂 I also love the “Battle Winning Tasks” idea– what a great concept. You’re absolutely right…there are those strategic, important tasks that actually move you closer to your goals if you do them, and then there are all of those other seemingly important “urgent” tasks that do not. Great post; thank you so much!


  6. shoemusings says:

    Hi Steven,

    I love the quirky way you’ve delivered this message. T Harv Eker teaches that anybody could make a million dollars in a year if their life literally depended on it (or the life of a loved one), and Kim Garst has also posted a fabulous tweet that I have faved about discipline. “Discipline is simply choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” I’m so grateful to connect with amazing people like Kim and subsequently you! The more positive energy we can create together the better. Thank you for posting on my blog the other day 🙂

    Dawn xo

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