Well the time has come for me to make my Super Bowl pick. Who will win?

I am very happy that 2 of the 5 teams that I wanted to make the Super Bowl made it in.

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Whichever team wins – I will be delighted!

However I have to pick one team to win.

Usually  the better team wins the Super Bowl. Let me say right up front – in my opinion the Colts are the better team. In the words of Colin Cowherd “say it out loud” – Peyton vs. the number 26 defense in the NFL.  Enough said. I will not be suprised if the Colts win.

If the Saints defense blitzes Peyton, they have to play either” Zone” or “Man To Man”. Go Zone and the Colts receivers will drop under the coverage and Peyton will eat you alive.  Go Man To Man and someone will get open -either Wayne, Garcon, Collie, or Clark.

It does not look good for the Saints.

However I am picking the saints to win.

Colts vs, Saints. Winner Saints.

I think that The Saints under Drew Brees’ leadership and Sean Payton’s coaching will pull it out and leave Miami with a win.

For the Saints to win, I think that the following 3 things needs to happen –

1. Drew Brees will need to play a perfect game.

2. Reggie Bush will need to have a big game.

3. The Saints defense will need to play over their heads and come up with more than one big play.

If all three of those things do not happen, I do not think that the Saints will be able to overcome the genius of Manning.

Whoever wins – I am looking forward to a great game tomorrow!

Usually I am more excited about the commercials than the game itself. While I do love the Super Bowl commercials, this year  – The Super Bowl is all about the football!