Okay This week I am determined to do better than 1 and 3!

Here are my picks!

Cardinals at the Saints. Winner – Saints. The Cardinals played great last week and Kurt Warner is on fire, however I am sticking with the Saints. I think that the loses the Saints had in December will motivate them to make it happen on Saturday.

Ravens at the Colts. Winner -Colts. Toughest pick I am making this week. If the Ravens Defense can get to Peyton that the Colts might be in trouble , However I can’t pick against the Colts at home. I will not be surprised if the Ravens pull if off.

Cowboys at the Vikings. Winner – Vikings. The Cowboys are hot right now and they seem to have great momentum, However I am not sold on Wade Phillips. I think that Favre pulls it off and the Vikings beat the Cowboys.

Jets at the Chargers. Winner – Jets. I am picking the Jets in an upset. I think that the Jets will play with no fear as they have nothing to lose, no one thought they would make it this far. The Chargers on the other hand are “supposed to win” and I think that they will play not to lose and end up doing just that. Do really think that Norv is inspiring? I think that Rex Ryan’s bravado really motivates and inspires his players. Like the Packers vs. Cardinals game last week ,this game will come down to who wants it more. Look for the Jets to play like their hair is on fire.

What are your picks?