Knight and Day

A fun enjoyable  movie – I give it 3 out of 5 gas cans. Worth seeing in the theater.

Knight and Day is an action movie with romance and some clever comedy thrown in for good measure. Cruise and Diaz have great onscreen chemistry playing Roy Miller and June Havens. The banter they have is amusing.

The stunts you see are nicely done, due to a running gag you see how our heroes get out of some (not all) of their tight spots.

In the opening sequence Roy fancies a small metal knight which give clues to his identity and to his view of himself, a noble knight on a special mission.

The movie does well  leaving just a little suspense about whether or not Roy is a good guy or a bad guy. To that end, the movie helps us see the questions June has about Roy in spite of her attraction to him.

The movie also does a good job with bringing us along on June’s transition from a disbelieving bewildered bystander to a gal with a thirst  for adventure.

Go see this movie with – your girlfriend or wife. A good date movie both of you will enjoy.

My favorite sequence/scene – at the villa in Spain after June has been given some truth serum.

My favorite quote – “Someday is a dangerous word, it is code for never.”

At the end of the movie the song Someday plays, turns out this a new, not yet released (as of this date) tune by the Black Eyed Peas. Thanks to reelsoundtrack blog for helping me out with this fact. knight and day soundtrack

The song Uprising by Muse makes an appearance as well. That song seems to turn up in a number of places  including promos this past winter for ABC’s V. Check out Muse The Resistance.  it’s a good album.

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