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Journaling is a great tool to Pursue Wholerness and Life Change –  and/or

I often encourage people to journal. For example, If I ever see you for Bonfire Achievement Coaching  you can be sure that we will likely hit upon some issue that you would do well to journal about. When that happens, I will suggest that you get a pad of yellow paper, a few blue pens and journal about the the issue we hit upon.

3 Pages of Journaling Does Not Cut It

I have discovered that I need to very clear about what I mean when I say journal. I mean really write. I mean work at it and put in more than 20 minutes.

The bigger the issue you need to write about, the more pages you will need write as you pursue wholerness.

I Once Encouraged Some I Was Coaching to Journal About…

I once encouraged someone I was coaching to journal about a serious, painful issue from their childhood.

I asked them to do some journaling before the next time I saw them. About ten days later, I saw them again and they had written about half a page.

I had expected they they would put in maybe 3 or 4 hours and write maybe 40 or 50 pages.

My Bad

I did not communicate this to them. I knew that 3 or 5 or even 10 pages of journaling, would not be enough for them to adequately process this serious childhood issue.

I never told them that they would need to write a lot of pages. I just assumed that they knew this. My bad.

It’s A Symbolic 100 Pages

These days, I tell people that they need to number their pages when they journal about a particular topic, and that they need to be prepared to journal 100 pages in short order.

The 100 pages is symbolic. Some issues take only 30 or 40 pages. Some issues (like being sexually abused as a child) take 100’s or 1000’s of pages of journaling and seeing a counselor to healthfully process.

Did You Want to Become Wholer? Do You Want Life Change?

Sometimes I throw out the 100 pages as a gut check, to see if the person is currently serious about pursing life change/wholerness and becoming wholer.

The truth is that when you are done journaling about a topic, you actually feel a sense of closure and healing.

Someone may only need to actually journal 67 pages to come to peace /healing / closure with a particular issue. However, if that person is thinking that they will only write 10 pages and stop, they are not going to get to the needed other 57 pages.

Sometimes I can tell that a person is going to need to see a competent professional counselor and write 100s of pages to heal.

That is what it took for me to head out on the road toward healing. I have written 1000’s of pages. I still journal for Wholerness and Life Change to this day.

In my early 20s, I  saw a competent professional counselor for 4 plus years to face and process the abuse I endured as child – you name it, I went through it. I know firsthand the powerful role that journaling can play in a person’s journey to become wholer.

People who are not willing to even consider the possibility of writing a 100 pages to contribute to their own healing, are usually, not yet ready to grow.

If a person is willing to write 100 pages and they actually do that and then they discover that they still have many pages to go, they usually have found so much value in the first 100 pages that they are quite willing to keep journaling until the issue has been healed from.

So be prepared to journal 100 pages. You may need to journal more or less than that. I can tell you this – 3 pages will not be enough.

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Steven Shomler