I recently saw Book Of Eli with my friend Chris.

My first impression was that it was pretty violent for a movie starring the King James Bible! I spent quite a bit of time with my eyes closed and my ears plugged!

Visually the movie was stunning. The whole thing seemed to be done in Sepia tones. Everything look washed out and yet that look was very fitting and never seemed out of place.

I enjoyed the story and the conflict between Carnegie ( the villain, well played by Gary Oldman) and Eli has stayed with me.

As we were going into the theater Chris said that this movie had a twist that I would not see coming! Chris had already seen the movie once and he wanted to see it again to see if he could pick up any clues.

I intently watched the movie to try to spot any foreshadowing of this twist Chris had mentioned. I have to tell you that I never saw the twist coming and when it was revealed I was pretty impressed.

On our way out of the theater I asked Chris if he saw any clues to the twist the second time around, and he did. He went on to recount a number of them to me and looking back I do remember seeing them they just did not click when I was watching the movie. Not often a movie surprises me with a twist that I did not see coming.

As other reviewers have shared, this movie reminded me of  an old school Clint Eastwood type western (with an apocalyptic landscape).

All in all in my –  See it in the Theater, Wait for the DVD, or Skip the movie altogether rating system – I recommend that you see this movie when it comes out in DVD, unless you are a fan of Denzel Washington or a fan of this type of movie – then I definitely think that it is worth seeing in the theatre.

One of my Favorite blogs is an excellent blog about movies – the Screening Log http://www.screeninglog.com/

This blog has a good review of this movie you might want to check out to get second opinion. That review is found here –http://www.screeninglog.com/journal/2010/1/16/movie-review-the-book-of-eli.html

Going back to the conflict between Eli and Carnegie – Carnegie’s pursuit of the book that Eli has and his motivations for wanting that particular  book has caused me to do a lot of thinking and reflecting on experiences I have had. For more on those thoughts please see my post entitled  Carnegie and the True Church posted 1 29 2010 – (https://stevenshomler.com/2010/01/29/carnegie-and-the-true-church)