It is one thing to have a dream. It is quite another to be in the hunt for your dreams.

Some people have dreams and some people don’t. Those of us who have dreams know that having a dream is both a blessing and a curse. A dream is inspiring and motivating. That is the upside.

A dream can also burn in our hearts like a fire and when a dream goes for a while and remains unfulfilled that fire becomes an ache that does not go away. For more info about a “Heart Fire” see this article — www.battleforyourdream.com.

I hope that you have a dream. If you do, I hope that you are in the hunt for that dream.

It Feels So Good To Be In The Hunt

If you have a dream it is a great feeling to know that you are in the hunt for that dream. Each day you wake up, fired up! You are excited to get out of bed and you look forward to your day.

Even your normal day-to-day problems and frustrations can seem much easier to deal with. As my friend Al Gallo puts it; “A dog in the hunt, doesn’t know that he has fleas.”

You can tell when someone is in the hunt. They have the “Smoke of Battle” coming off of them. They have have a presense and a joy and an intensity that only people in the hunt for their dreams have.

The Ache That Comes
When You Are Not In The Hunt

I know what it is like to have a dream and not be in the hunt for it. It sucks. Each day that passes feels hollow and empty. With each passing day your dream seems to drift farther and farther away like a child’s unattended beach ball that is being swept out sea with the outgoing tide.

Even worse—if you have been in the hunt, and then for whatever reason you end up taking a break break from the hunt, it can be really tough to get back into the hunt.

Sometimes You Stop Hunting.

Sometimes stuff happens. Sometimes extra stress or extra tough circumstances can come into your life and that stress can sap your strength and make pursuing your dream feel like a weight you can’t pick up. I myself recently went through a season like that. The good news is that those seasons do eventually pass. When those seasons come to an end, the trick to get back into the hunt.

Sometimes we are swamped by overwhelming stress or circumstances. When that happens a month or two goes by and then reality hits us like a semi truck. We realize that we have not been in the hunt. We realize that we have not been engaging in the daily Battle Winning Tasks that we used to tackle with gusto.

Life happens. Stuff happens. Sometimes we get thrown off course. If you ever find yourself in this situation, as soon as is practical—Get Back In The Hunt!

Get Back In The Hunt

Start with something. Anything. Just do something that moves the ball down the field. Even it is is something small. In fact, if you have been out of the hunt for a while, most likely it is better to start with some task that is relatively easy to do. Do that task well and build on the success. Keep increasing your productive activity until you get back to being fully in the hunt for your dream.

Are You In the Hunt For Your Dream?

If you are—enjoy it.

If you are not in the hunt, make the changes you need to make and get in the hunt. For those of us with a dream, it’s the only satisfying way to live.

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That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am pulling for you!