Pursue Wholerness!

As I define it, The Good Life  ( www.golivethegoodlife.com ) is comprised of 3 primary elements.

The 3 primary Good Life Elements are:

#1 Enjoy Life, #2 Pursue Wholerness, and #3 Make a Difference.

Pursue Wholerness?

Yep! I encourage people to pursue “wholerness.” Wholerness is how I say “life change.”

I teach that you need to pursue wholerness in 7 specific Life Trajectory Factors. These 7 Life Trajectory Factors determine where you life is currently headed.

The 7 Life Trajectory Factors are (in no particular order)—

#1 Career/Work Life

#2 Spiritual Life

#3 Physical Fitness

#4 Financial Fitness (having fitness here is really good!)

#5 Your Home Team (Immediate Family and Close Friends)

#6  Emotional Maturity/Fitness (I do not think that you can be healthy spiritually or effective relationally without being emotionally mature/fit.)

#7 Relational Effectiveness (Relational effectiveness starts with basic People Skills and continues with concepts like developing your EQ—Emotional Intelligence.) 

You want to know where you are likely to be in 5 years? Consider your health and vitality or lack thereof in each of the 7 Life Trajectory Factors.

Life Trajectory Factors determine where your life is currently headed.

You want to change the direction of your life? Pursue Wholerness in these 7 areas.


You Can Change the Trajectory of Your Life

My wife Gayla plays Angry Birds. She plays Angry Birds quite a bit. I am certain that she plays Angry Birds more than she realizes. Recently Gayla was sitting over on the couch, and she made a loud noise that seemed to convey deep anger and frustration. With concern in both my voice and my heart I asked her what was wrong. She said “I cannot kill this awful pig and he keeps sneering at me.” It took a second for it to sink in that she was talking about Angry Birds.

When you play Angry Birds, you get to select the trajectory of your bird and you launch it. Once you launch your bird and send it off to get those awful sneering pigs, you are stuck with whatever trajectory that you have chosen.

The success of your bird depends upon the the trajectory you have chosen. Sometimes even before your bird has impacted its intended target, you can tell that the trajectory is off the mark. If only you could pause the game and adjust that particular bird’s trajectory so that it would take out those naughty, egg-stealing pigs!

In the game of Angry Birds, you cannot adjust the trajectory of your bird once you’ve launched it.

You can, however, adjust the trajectory of your life.

You want to change the direction of your life? Pursue Wholerness in the 7 Life Trajectory Factors.

You want to be physically healthier in 5 years, start pursing wholerness in the Physical Fitness Factor.

Depending on the change that you want to come into your life, you may need to pursue wholerness in more than one Life Trajectory Factor.

You Can Become Wholer 

I can tell you this, I have personally have had a lot of brokenness in each of the those 7 Life Trajectory Factors—just ask my wife Gayla. I have gotten wholer in each of those 7 factors.

To be honest, I have made more progress in some of them than others, however, my life is much better off because of the wholerness I have pursued.

Wholer vs Whole

According to my philosophy of life, I will never be completely whole, and that is very okay because my value is not based on my performance. While I will never be “whole,” I can and do pursue wholerness.

Enjoy Your Life More

The good news is that the wholer I’ve gotten, the more I have been able to enjoy life. My advice to you is this—Pursue Wholerness, you will not regret it. The payoff is more than worth the effort.

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That’s it,

I am Steven Shomler and I am pulling for you!