Few People Have Changed My Life More…

I got word this morning that Carolyn Hunsinger passed away last night.

Carolyn inspired me to pursue life change when I was a very young man.

I had a brutal, very dark childhood at the hands of my mother made up of every type of abuse you can imagine, and some things you really don’t want to imagine.

The perspectives and skills I learned and used to survive my childhood like — don’t ever talk or open up, don’t trust anyone because they will hurt you, and don’t feel any emotion, were greatly hampering me as a young adult.

I don’t often hear about a bad childhood that was worse than mine.

Carolyn’s childhood was even more brutal than mine, and she had invested years doggedly pursing her own life change.

Carolyn gently shared her story with me and lovingly encouraged me to face and overcome the hell I had been through.

I invested a number of years in my early 20s in counseling where I faced and processed the darkness and trauma I had endured during my childhood.

To this day I am so grateful for the time I spent with Bryan Van Dragt — my counselor.

None of that would have happen without the wisdom, guidance, and encouragement that Carolyn gave me. She “gave me permission” to begin counseling and she helped he to begin to see that I really, really needed it.

I am so grateful for life change that she modeled for me.

While it’s a story for another time — The 3 Z’s — Zac, Zayne, and Zeke knew Carolyn as their quirky and wonderful grandmother, and Carolyn was the closest thing to a “Mom” that I ever had. Today will be a day marked by tears.

May Carolyn rest in peace until the trumpet sounds. I am so grateful for the words of hope found in Rev 21:3-4.