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The Green Hornet PG-13 (It deserves a PG13 rating. It does have quite a bit of violence )

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“A rollicking ride. Turns the ‘masked hero and the sidekick’ premise on it’s head. Great fun” Steven Shomler, Good Life Movie Reviews

Summary – Britt Reid is very rich and lives to party until his father dies and then childhood longings to make a difference re-emerge and he and Kato become heroes and set out to battle crime.

Rating – I give The Green Hornet 3 out of 5 Gas Cans.  Enjoyable. Worth seeing in the theater, especially if you read the comic book as a kid, or if you are a fan of “Comic Book Movies”

Is it a Film or a Movie? The Green Hornet is a movie.

My Favorite Quote – “It’s not dying, that you need to be afraid of, it’s not having ever lived.”

Runner up Quotes – ” I have to take care of 750 employees and you have to take care of yourself.”

“Trying doesn’t matter, when you always fail”


“I’ve got bittersweet news for you.”

“What could I do to be more scary?”

“You are a human Swiss Army Knife”

“It’s unbelievable how cool we are”

” ‘What is the one insanely stupid thing that all super heroes have in common?’ – ‘Tights?’ ”

“You are 36?!”

“She wants me so bad”

” I am amazed that you have not hit on me

“I’ve got it, The Green Bee!”

“It’s a lot of complicated emotions”

“let’s roll, Kato!”

My Favorite Sequence – Kato making coffee for Britt

Who you should see the movie with – Your buddies. People who like comic books and/or comic book movie

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What I liked about this movie and other thoughts

As I am sure that you know, this movie is based on a comic book. See this link from for more info on the comic book –

The green Hornet has been around since the 40s and he has appeared in number of incarnations. I read Green Hornet comics in my younger days and I got a kick out of seeing the comic on the big screen.

My favorite character in the move was Kato. I liked how the character written and I enjoyed Jay Chou’s portrayal. Weird for me to say that I liked the sidekick best, afraid I might lose my comic book fan card.

I really liked how this movie turns the whole hero and sidekick premise on its head. I loved it when the “fight” broke out. Seth Rogen was one of the writers for this movie.

I wondered what he could do with a screenplay for a  more iconic comic book character. Hmm.. Maybe someone should have Seth write a Wonder Woman treatment…

The gadgets and the tricked out cars in this movie made me nostalgic for the  time when I saw my first few James Bond movies and I looked forward the visit to Q.

I enjoyed the camp that Christoph Waltz played Chudnofsky with.

That’s it.

Steven Shomler

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Quotes from the Green Hornet Green Hornet Movie Review

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  1. CMrok93 says:

    While The Green Hornet is a passable time killer, film lovers might go into shock that such an unremarkable piece of Hollywood mulch was helmed by French whiz kid Michel Gondry. I wish there was more here, but it was an OK popcorn treat. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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