Tell Me What Makes You Come Alive!

Recently, I have been asking people the question “What makes you come alive?”

I have a growing awareness that this is a very important question.

I have discovered that some people can answer this question and some people can’t.

I have also discovered that some people answer the question and their answer just rings hollow. Their answer sounds like they are saying what they think they are supposed to say, however, the answer has no passion or depth or vibrancy.

I do not know what is sadder; people who can’t answer this question or people who give an answer that does not seem to even inspire them.

Yep – This is a Basic Question

To my way of thinking this is a such a basic question, it did not even occur to me that people would need to be encouraged spend time figuring out what makes them come alive.

I have run into too many people who seem to live a life based on “duty” for lack of a better word, people who seem out of touch with what makes them come alive.

It reminds me of an article I recently wrote for my Marriage website – Battle For a Great Marriage entitled Spend Time With Your Wife.

There was a time that I would never thought that I would need to tell husbands that they need to spend time with their wives. In the past few years, I  have discovered that many husbands need to be told to spend time with their wives.

In the same way, I have run across people who need to be encouraged to figure out what makes them come alive.



The movie poster for Braveheart had 8 haunting words on it – “Every man dies, not every man really lives;”

To Live Life To The Full

If you do not know what makes you come alive, you will never be able to live life to the full, or as the Braveheart poster puts it – you will not really live.

To Succeed As a Leader

If you are in a leadership position, and if you do not know what makes you come alive, you will be a failure as a leader. No one worth having as a follower wants to follow someone who is living a life devoid of passion and vibrancy.

You Can’t Hide It

If you do not know what makes you come alive, or if you know and if you are not somehow experiencing or pursuing what makes you come alive, it will leak out of you and eventually people will know.

First Discover the Answer

If you do not know what makes you come alive, your first step is to discover the answer that resonates with you. I suggest that journaling with a blue pen and a yellow pad is a great way to learn about yourself. 

Once You Know The Answer

Once you can authentically answer the question “what makes you come alive?”, start experiencing the things that makes you come alive!

If some miserable set of circumstances dictate that you can’t start right now experiencing what makes you come alive, set your sights on being able to do that within the next 6 months.  At least that way, you will leak that you are someone in the hunt for what makes you came alive.


Even a Little Helps

Maybe travel makes you come alive and right now, today, finances dictate that you can’t get on that plane and head off to the places that beckons to you.

Go to a book store and get a couple of travel guides related to the first place that you want to go. Look at the magazine section and see if there is a magazine about  the place that you first want to visit.

Read the travel guides, subscribe to the magazine. Then work out a game plan to start traveling.

Passion and Vibrancy

People who know what makes them come alive who make it a point to live a life that includes what makes them come alive have a passion and vibrancy about them that is appealing and noticeable.

I hope that you leak that kind of passion and vibrancy. If you don’t, please know that with hard work and intentionality, you can.

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That’s it

Steven Shomler