Okay the teams that are in the NFL playoffs are set. 12 teams made it and 2 of those teams will play each other in the Super Bowl on February 7 2010.

Often when I watch the Super Bowl I end up disappointed because the team I was pulling for  – loses. I hate that. This year I am going to try a different approach.

This year I am going to  be cheering for the 5 teams whose stories I like the best.

Hopefully one of my 5 teams will win on Feb 7th.

This year my 5 teams are the Vikings, Bengals,Colts, Patriots, and the Saints.

3 teams from the AFC and 2 teams from the NFC.

Vikings – I lived in the great state of MN for 3 years and until you live in either MN or WI you do not really know what it means to be a fan of an NFL team. Vikings fans and Packers fans take being a fan to a whole new level!

I would love to see Brett Favre win a Super Bowl in the purple! I would also love how that would stick in the craw of Packers fans. Living In MN you quickly learn to not like that team from Green Bay. Many of the Packer fans still love Favre and seeing him win the Super Bowl wearing purple would definitely give them mixed emotions! Best definition I have ever heard of mixed emtions is – Watching your Mother in Law back over a cliff in your new Mercedes…Just kidding! In the words of Jack Daughery “Don’t quit”! ( from How to be Core, RP 181 – If you don’t know the reference count yourself blessed and just keep reading!)

Bengals – Carson Palmer came from USC and I would love to see him win a Super Bowl. The Bengals have traditionally been horrible. Many times they have earned their often used nickname “the Bungles”. I have been following them this year since HBO’s 2009 edition of Hard Knocks. It would fun to see them win it all. Also my misguided co-worker Geoff grew up in Ohio and he would love to see the Bengals win. I say “misguided” because Jeff is a Buckeyes fan. This year’s Rose Bowl was not helpful to his overcoming the challenges of having grow up in Ohio as a Buckeyes fan.

Colts – Peyton Manning is in my opinion one of the the greatest quarterbacks who has ever played the game. Their long time coach Tony Dungy stepped down at the end of last year and their rookie coach Jim Caldwell seems to be doing a good job. It would great to see the Colts hoist the Lombardi.

Patriots – Tom Brady is an amazing quarterback. Hall of Famer for sure.  Bill Belichick seems to be a genius (cranky and crabby – yes , but a genius none the less). People  love to hate the Patriots. My good friend Chris cannot stand the Patriots. It would be a blast to listen to Chris if the Patriots win it all. Of all of my 5 teams they probably have the least possible shot, but hey it would be a great story. Chris has had a tough go of it as he is a Raiders fan.

Saints – Saving the best for last! What can I say, for me – the best current NFL story of all is the Saints and how they have been carrying an entire city and region on their back. The Saints reveal the positive influence that sports can have on society. Also Drew Brees is a fantastic quarterback and as far as I can tell a wonderful human being. My good friend Robert Wagley grew up in Louisiana and I am sure that he would be thrilled beyond words to have the Saints win it all! Please understand – Robert being rendered speechless even for a few minutes would be a feat of Biblical proportions!

So there you have it – the five teams I would love see win the 2010 Super Bowl.

What team or teams would you like to see standing tall when the clock hits 00:00?