In my Jan 3rd post “Pambiche for Breakfast” I mentioned that it was likely that I would get invited to President’s Club this year. On Wed morning Jan 20th when I opened my work email I found an email from corporate inviting me to President’s Club in Miami!!!!

For those who do not know many organizations with sales people have annual events that the top sales people for that year can get invited to. my employer invites the top 30 Wholesale AE’s (Account Executives) to President’s Club each year.

“President’s Clubs” and events like it are generally held at some awesome resort somewhere warm!

I was pretty sure that I was in the top 10 and that I had made it this year. When I opened my invitation email I saw that I had been invited to both President’s Club March 11-14 and to the Chairman’s Circle March 15th. I along with 4 other AE’s would able to stay one extra day and have a special dinner with the Chairman on Sunday night.

On Thursday when I read the President’s Club final results I saw that I had finished # 5 in the country! Cool. Only the top 5 AE’s get to go to Chairman’s Circle and stay that extra day. I had finished the year with having funded 998 loans totaling 256 million dollars.

I am so excited!!!

This year my employer’s Presidents Club will be held at The Fontainbleau resort in  Miami

Using Google I also came across this cool website

It could not have happened without the help of my awesome clients and the fantastic support the great folks at my office give me!

Bethany , Brandy and Sherri – You rock!!! I love doing business with you!

Catherine what can I say – you make the magic happen.

Maria – remember all those weekends in the spring when you would stay and draw docs and I would stay helping with my Iphone “I crack the whip” app?

Tammy – you registered all of those files! thank you sooo much!!!

Nicole – you really helped out alot during those crazy month ends when had we a ton to get done in a short time!

To everyone in my office who AQCed, CSRed, Registered, Underwrote, Doced, and Funded loans for me last year thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I would name you all however some of you would rather not be named in this crazy blog.

Second to Last but not least – Scott, thanks for taking a risk and giving me a chance and hiring me even when some said that I did not fit the “AE” box. Three years later this achievement validates the belief you had in me!

Lastly hopefully I will never have to hear someone tell me that I “AE” wrong again. My results trump the criticism I have received over this past  3 years. I would love to tell all of the people who gave me crap about how I did my job to “Bite Me” however that would not be nice so I will not do that. I will just think it next time I see them.

In the words of my friend Al Gallo -“he who says it can’t be done should get out of the way of he who is doing it”