We arrived back home from the OR coast around 5:30 this evening.

Got the kids picked up and I made them some spaghetti and broccoli for dinner. Everyone in our family had a great weekend and everyone has been cared for and tucked into bed.

I am ready for a great week at work and I looking forward to going into the office!

Tomorrow night I will tell you about the adventures we had at the Oregon coast this past weekend and share with you the great stories I came across.

The big news right now in Portland is the terribly cold temperatures we are facing.  oregonlive.com at 10:54 PM Sunday night the home page under “weather alert” heading said –  “ARTIC BLAST!”

Around 10:00 AM this morning one of my friends called me to complain to me about how cold it was in Portland and when I told him about the weather we had been having in Cannon Beach, he was (as I hoped) disgusted.

We had wonderful weather on the coast this weekend – bright blue sky, lovely sunsets, and hi temps were 51 on friday and the upper 40’s on Sat and Sun.

Here in Portland right now it is 28 degrees and it is cold.  However, as my friend Jerry from MN says, “It all depends on how your gyros are set.”

When Jerry says this phrase, which he does often, he is referring to  gyroscopes – devices used for maintaining orientation (and really cool toys), not those yummy sandwiches.

When it comes to weather and what cold is to me – my gyros were first set by my growing up in So Calif. Anything below 60 degrees there was cold!

In my 30’s, I moved to Minnesota. I have to tell you, that first winter in Maple Grove reset my weather gyros! There were times that the high temp in the middle of the day was below zero! (and people actually left their houses and went to work! )

So now that I am in the Northwest and I hear about how cold it is, I pull out my handy dandy iphone and use my Weather Channel app and go to my preset locations, and I check what the weather is in Maple Grove.

So according to my Weather Channel app, in Portland right now it is 28 degrees and in Maple Grove it is 17.

When people tell me how cold it is in Portland, I check, and it is colder, sometimes much colder, in Maple Grove. I know that the reason people think that it is cold in Portland when it is 28 degrees is because of how their gyros are currently set.

With his gyros phrase, Jerry taught me that people often respond to situations the way they do because of how their gyros are currently set.

Learning that nugget from Jerry has helped me quite a bit when it comes to working with and understanding people.

If you are interested in how people change I highly encourage you to read the book Change or Die by Alan Deutschman.

By the way as far the yummy sandwiches go, The Mall 205 location of McMenamins has gyros, and they are delicious! Also while all of the servers who have ever helped me at the Mall 205 location of McMenamins have been great, sit in Jim’s section whenever you can!!!


For info on the Sunnyside location of McMenamins chesk my post from 4/26/2010 stevenshomler.com/2010/04/26/The Losers Movie Review and Scooby Snacks at Sunnyside McMenamins