Off to President’s Club in Miami and to the Caribbean!

My friend Chris will be here in a little bit to take us to the airport.

We are taking a red eye to Miami to attend President’s Club at the Fontainbleau resort. Once President’s Club is over we will heading off to the Caribbean for a vacation my wife has really earned! I worked a lot of hours last year and she kindly put up with me being gone at the office quite abit.

As far as President’s Club goes my employer Fed-exed me a really cool packet as few days ago!

This packet had in it, among other things – some cool metal luggage tags,  a small scale I can use weigh my luggage, and a map of South Beach, and a special brochure that has been printed up for this event.

I am really looking forward to the fun and great food we will be having on this adventure. For example -Wednesday night we are gong to be eating at Gotham Steak!

I have been tanning (so I do not burn at the beach), my bags are packed (well almost), my Tux is all pressed, (I have a formal dinner this Saturday night), my adult daughter is taking care of the three Z’s (my younger kids) and Jessica and Catherine will do a great job with our clients!

I can rest easy knowing that home and office are in good hands! (FYI – it is easier for a workaholic to write about resting easy than it is to actually do it – I will let you how i do!)

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When I get back from this vacation I will get back to blogging and tell all about the awesome adventures I have been having lately!

Please forgive any errors or misspellings I am hurrying to finish this post so I can finish packing before Chris gets here to take us to the airport! Hopefully The Blogging Gnome will visit my blog and gussy this post up!

Until then God bless


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  1. Marc Schelske says:

    Congrats, Steven. You and Gayla have an amazing time. You both really deserve it. Relax well!

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