For New Years Eve my son Zac, Gayla, our friend Ken and I went to see Avatar. (Zayne, Zoe and Chelsea are at grandma’s house for winter break)

We went to the 7 PM 3D Imax showing. Visually it was stunning and I really enjoyed it.

If you have not seen it yet I really encourage you to spend the money and see it in 3D and IMAX if possible.

While the story line was Dances with Wolves with Big Blue Cats with a few robots from Alien thrown in, the images you see are amazing.

Just the evening scenes in the forest showing off the bioluminescence are worth the price of a ticket.

In 1977 My dad’s friend George Dodge talked my dad into taking us to see see Star Wars at the Tyler Mall in Riverside and I will never forget how amazing that movie looked.

George worked in the film making industry in special effects and he had worked on the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage. George – if you are still out there thanks for making sure that I saw Star Wars!

For those who first saw Star Wars in 1977 at a theatre, do you remember how you felt when the Imperial Star Destroyer slowly took over the whole screen?

I think that Avatar will be to my kids like that first Star Wars movie was to me – even as an 8 year old I could tell that I was seeing history in that Star Wars was setting a new bar in movie making. In  the same way i believe that Avatar has raised the bar as well.

Besides my 12 year old son Zac had never even heard of Dances with Wolves so he had no problem with the story line.