Life Trajectory Factors

One of the 3 primary Good Life Elements ( is Pursue Wholerness (

I encourage people to Pursue Wholerness in  7 Life Trajectory Factors.

Life Trajectory Factors determine where your life is currently headed. You want to know where you are likely to be in 5 years, consider your health and vitality or lack thereof in the following 7 Life Trajectory Factors.

You want to change the direction of your life? Pursue Wholerness in these 7 areas.

The 7 Life Trajectory Factors are (in no particular order)—

#1 Career/Work Life

#2 Spiritual Life

#3 Physical Fitness

#4 Financial Fitness (having fitness here is really good!)

#5 Your Home Team (Immediate Family and Close Friends)

#6  Emotional Maturity/Fitness (I do not think that you can be healthy spiritually or effective relationally without being emotionally mature/fit.)

#7 Relational Effectiveness (Relational effectiveness starts with basic People Skills and continues with concepts like developing your EQ—Emotional Intelligence.) 

I have had a lot of brokenness in each of those  7 Life Trajectory Factors (LTFs). Each time I  have experienced growth in one of those various LTFs I have been able to Enjoy Life a little more.

In the future I will teach and write about each of these 7 LTFs.

That’s It

Steven Shomler

Good Life Sage