Who you are leaks out!


One of the most  important life lessons I ever learned was that, who I am leaks out. It may leak out slowly and it may take a while for people to realize that I am leaking and revealing to them what is true about me, but it happens.

You Cannot Hide Who You Are

Well, you can hide for a while, but eventually the more you are around someone or a group of people the more they start to pick up on who you are, what you like, what you long for, what you don’t like, who you like, who you don’t like, the direction you are headed in life, etc., etc., etc.

Are you currently Afraid? Hopeful? Determined? Tired? – Whatever is true about you leaks out, and eventually others pick up on it, even if they don’t realize that they are doing so.

The more people pick up on who are (vs. the “who” you would like to portray) the more they start to relate to as you really are. Even if they do not realize that this is happening.

What Are You Leaking?

A great way to come to know who you are, is to ask yourself , “what am I leaking?”

As you start to know who you currently are, and what you currently leaking, you can begin to change who you are.

What Will You Leak Next Year?

As you change and Pursue Wholerness, you will begin to leak different that you used too.

Pursue Wholerness it helps you leak better stuff!

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That’s it

Steven Shomler