Green Lantern PG -13 (IMO – In My Opinion  – PG-13 due to some of the action scenes)

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“A good movie for fans of Green Lantern and the Green lantern Corp!” Steven Shomler, Good Life Movie Reviews.

Summary – Test Pilot Hal Jordan is given a Green Lantern Ring by a dying alien (Abin Sur) and proceeds to learn about it, the Green Lantern Corp and himself, as he defends earth against against an evil foe.


This is the first movie I have had to give two different ratings to. I have never seen a movie reviewer do that before, but I figured what the heck, why not be first. This movie gets either, 2 or 3 (of 5) gas cans depending…let me explain. We start with the 3 gas cans –


I Give Green Lantern 3 out of 5 gas cans.  Enjoyable. Go see it in the Theater – if…If you  read Green Lantern or Green Lantern/Green Arrow comics as a kid. If you are fan of theGreen Lantern Corp. If you remember the first time you read Tales Of the Green Lantern Corp #1. If Hal Jordan and (Not Guy Gardner, or John Stewart, or Kyle Rayner*) is your favorite human Green Lantern than this is the movie for you!  You will get a kick out of seeing Tomar Re and hearing Kilowog say “Poozer” and seeing Oa on the big screen etc. etc.

* I did not forget Alan Scott Earth 2’s Green Lantern. Earth 2 heroes and members of the Justice Society and All Star Squadron are in a category all their own. Cool pics and links below at the end of this post.


If however, the above paragraph sounds like gibberish or unknown-to-you geek talk, then I give Green Lantern 2 out of 5 Gas Cans – Mediocre. See it at the theater only if you are already at the theater and there is nothing else worth seeing. Better to wait until this movie comes out on DVD.

It is an okay movie, just not a great movie. If you are not already familiar with the world and mythos of Green Lantern this movie might not float your boat.

Is it a Film or a MovieGreen Lantern is a movie.

My Favorite Quote – “To Infinity and beyond, By the power of Grayskull.”

Runner up Quotes – “You are afraid, good.”

“Have you concluded admiring yourself?”

“Never let your guard down, Poozer!”

I would have gone with Jones too, but unfortunately he is busy not being good enough.”

“Make yourself at home, there is water in the tap.”

“I have never felt better in my life.”

” ‘Same old, same old’, ‘same here.’ ”

My Favorite Sequence – Hal Jordan and Hector Hammond at the Ferris Aircraft party telling each know that nothing has really changed in their lives lately.

Who you should see the movie with – Friends who are comic book fans who know the Green Lantern mythos.

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What I liked about this movie and other thoughts –


I am a comic book nerd. I loved seeing Tomar Re and Kilowog and Oa and Sinestro and Amanda Waller and the DEO etc, etc etc.


I thought this movie did a nice job with the prologue giving viewers a brief explanation of the Green Lantern Corp.

For me, this movie failed to have enough heart. It was lacking depth. I liked Ryan Reynolds, yet he did not come off as truly heroic, like Hal Jordan does in the comics.

I ened up seeing this movie in both 3D and 2D. I liked it better in 2D, other than the very end. The “planet” scenes that play during the closing credits, they look amazing in 3D.

I liked the sense of childhood nostalgia I felt seeing a real live Green Lantern movie on the big screen, even a mediocre Green Lantern movie.

If you are a comic book nerd like me , you might appreciate the links and pictures below.

That’s it!

Steven Shomler

Good Life Movie Reviews.