This morning (Saturday) I taught my first class at Bridge City Church – Why Grace Matters Most.

I had promised people that if they came to my class that I would bring some good coffee and treats from my local Starbucks on 122 and Division.  I learned a long time ago the importance of donuts or pastries to having a successful meeting!

I love my local Starbucks! They all know me, the manager is awesome and one guy in particular let’s call him Sam (name changed to protect the innocent) is very sarcastic and has a quick wit and I love that!

Sam often has some pithy or cutting comment for me and I for him!

So about 8 AM I called in my order and Sam answered the phone and he said they would have it ready for me to pick up about 9:00 AM.

When I got there Sam was just finishing my order.

Sam said something to me, and I could not quite hear him (my hearing is not so good) at first I thought that he had said something about finishing my order and I answered accordingly.

Sam said “AH HA- you don’t want to tell me where you taking this stuff” at that point I realized that Sam had asked me where I am taking my coffee and treats to.

I was delighted to tell Sam where was I was going – I told him that I was going to be teaching a class on what’s so amazing about grace.

Sam then asked -What is so amazing about grace?

What an awesome question! For those of you who are into Jesus how would you answer that question?

Another customer had come in and was almost to the counter I realized that I only time for a one or two word answer and only a couple of seconds to spit those one or two words out!

So if you had to answer that question with only one or two words what would you say?

The one word answer i gave was the word  – “scandalous”

Sam said “grace is scandalous”? I said “yes it is” and out the door I went. while he started taking the next customer’s order.

You can bet that I will follow up with Sam. I am  going to give him a copy of the book What is So Amazing about Grace. I will tell him that if he does not find book to be meaningful he is welcome to simply throw it away.

I am curious to see what happens as this story unfolds. Nothing may happen, Sam may politely take the book when I hand it to him next week and we may never speak of it again…However perhaps something cool will come of all of this.

I very much believe that God is at work in your life (and my life) and I very much believe that God is at work in Sam’s life, perhaps our little exchange may be part of what God is doing is Sam’s life, perhaps not.  Just in case I am going to move ahead and see what unfolds.

In the morning I will be leaving at 7 to head to my Newberg Westward Brothers men’s group meeting and I will stop for my Vente drip (non Pike – Pike is bad) and I bet that Sam will be there, so we will see.