Work Like They Won’t

Work like they won’t, so someday you can live like they can’t.

The two pictures above were taken from a room in the Tresor Tower at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach.

Yep. I was there staying in that room for 4 wonderful nights, and I took those pictures. Mark my words – I am going back.

The first I time got there by working like “they” won’t, and the same thing is happening again.

It is Sunday night and already today I have put in 6 hours working toward my dream, and now it is 6 PM and I have started writing, and I will be likely be sitting here working until about midnight.


Expect Opposition 

The first time I went to the Fontainbleau Resort, I was working in the Wholesale Mortgage business as an AE (Account Executive i.e. salesperson).

I started in January of 2007 with no clients, no funded loan volume and no wholesale experience, and in 2009, I funded 998 home loans for $256 million in funded home loan volume. I was as the #4 Account Executive in the country.

Early in my wholesale mortgage journey – mid 2007, I was told many times that I “did not ‘AE’ correctly.”


In March of 2010, I was the only one from my office who attended the Chairman’s Circle Dinner. The people who repeatedly told me that I “did not ‘AE’ correctly” can still bite me.

Whenever you are battling for a dream, THEY will tell you one or all of the following – “you aren’t doing right,”  “you won’t make it,” “you are working too hard,” or here is a doozy I was actually told once while standing near the main fax area in the Lake Oswego Wholesale office – “I care about my family too much to work like you do.”

I made it as an AE, and now I am battling in another arena.  Mark my words, I will win this battle as well.

Just recently I had someone tell that I was not doing “it” right.

I have to tell you that that criticism FIRED ME UP!  It let me know that I am on the right track. Late at night when I am tired and I want to quit working, I think about those words and I press on.

As a saying on a hat I once saw puts it – Haters Motivate!


Work Like They Won’t, So Someday You Can Live Like They Can’t.

If you have a dream, battle to make it come true. You won’t regret it!

I am Pulling For You!

If you have a dream that you are battling for, I know how hard that can be. I hope that you have encouraging people pulling for you. Please know that I am pulling for you. If I can be of any assistance or encouragement, my email address is [email protected]

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That’s it

Steven Shomler

Good Life Sage