Stoke Your Own Fire

Welcome to 2018! Stoke Your Own Fire!

Welcome to 2018! Today is Tuesday, Jan 2, 2018 and for some, this is the first work day of 2018.

As we begin the New Year I wanted to touch on one of the MOST important achievement skills you can have.

This skill is foundational to any achievement that you want to make happen.

I am talking about Self-motivation.

Self-motivation is one of the single biggest differences between successful and unsuccessful people.


If you lack self-motivation then you will not be able to succeed. Period.

Let me say that again – if you lack self-motivation you not be able to succeed.

This is some thing that my “dad” Peter would have called a cold hard fact.


How Can You Motivate Yourself?

So how can you motivate yourself?

Here are five simple tactics for Stoking Your Own Fire:

#1 Do You Love What You Do?
If you love it, it will be much easier to motivate yourself to do it. If you don’t love what you are doing, you will find it very tough to succeed at it.

#2 Do You Have a Want or a Whim?
Ask yourself if you really want what you are battling for. If you don’t really want it, then self-motivation will be tough. Go to for more about this.

#3 What is the Payoff?
If you accomplish your goal what will the payoff be and does that payoff motivate you? If it does, keep the reality of that payoff in front of you. Post a photo of the payoff where you can see it everyday.

#4 Get Rest
If you are in the hunt for your dream and working very hard on a regular basis, and putting in the hours, and all of the sudden you find yourself struggling to be motivated, GET some rest!

Sometimes the biggest reason you lack motivation is because you are exhausted. Once you get some rest,  you will find that you will be more effective and more efficient. I am looking at you Zac Shomler!

Zac Shomler  Zac Shomler  Zac Shomler and Steven Shomler Zac Shomler

Zac Rocks

Speaking of my son Zac Shomler – he has a phenomenal  work ethic and he excels at self-motivation!

Check out his YouTube channels here –

What’s Up Shom –

Strong Opinion Sports –

You can also follow Zac on Instagram – be sure to check out his Instagram stories! They are awesome! @zacshomler


#5 Have a Battle Winning Soundtrack
I use music to stoke my fire. I have a playlist of songs that motivate me that I listen to when I am working at my desk. I also have certain well-curated stations I have created for myself on Pandora.

One of my fire stoking songs is the Moment of Truth by Survivor from The Karate Kid (1984)

Read these lyrics and then listen to the song below and tell that you are not ready to take on the world – or as it was in my case – write your first book or write your third book, or start that company etc.

Moment Of Truth

When your alone
You ask yourself
What are you searching for

Deep in the night
A dream is born
One that you can’t ignore

If you think you can find the passion
And your ready to take a chance
If you really believe you can make it
Then the power is in your own hands

It’s the moment of truth
Your giving it all
Standing alone
Willing to fall
If you can do it
Get up and prove it
Get up and show them who you are

It’s the moment of truth
It’s all on the line
This is the place
This is the time
You’ve waited forever
It’s now or it’s never
Nothing can stop you now

Once in your life
You make a choice
Ready to risk it all
Deep in your soul
You hear a voice
Answering to the call

Though you know that it won’t be easy
It’s a promise you made for love
For the people that keep believing
And the one that you’re thinking of

That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I believe in the beauty of your dream!


Stoke Your Own Fire