Saturday night May 24 I went  with some of my Westward Brothers ( a men’s group I am a part of) to see The Losers.

As long as you go with low expectations and you expect a cheesy movie with lots of explosions you will not be disappointed. Otherwise…

I rate movies and thriller type books based on how much I enjoyed them and I give this movie 2 out of 5 gas cans.

Ken said that the movie has uneven pacing. my friend Thaddeus Jamison (otherwise known as TJ) put it this way “It was like driving a stick shift that had a clutch that does not always work”

It sure seemed to alternate between fast moving action scenes and scenes moving at half speed.

The opening scenes let us know that these soldiers have heart and a streak of nobility. The opening scenes also set up our lovable losers quest for revenge against Max the Uber Villain who wrongs them.

There are a number of enjoyable performances in this movie.  While most reviewers seem to like Jason Patric’s portrayal of Max the Uber Villain, for my money Jeffery Dean Morgan and Zoe Saldana played the most interesting characters.

Chris Evans does make quite an impact on his own however, his scenes in the office building are the funniest and the T shirts his character wears are often something to behold.

Fans of Journey’s song Don’t Stop Believin’ are in for an amusing treat.

This movie is based on a comic series and if you like or have read comic books you are more likely enjoy this movie as it definitely  felt like watch a comic book come to life.

One of my favorite movie websites is Frank Tabouring’s review of The Losers can be found here if you want to check out another review. movie review the losers

This movie is based on the the Vertigo (a DC comic book imprint) comic book series that ran from 2003-2006. DC also had a comic book series called The Losers in the 1970’s. (That series I read when I was a kid) The Losers Vertigo Losers 1970’s

Following the movie we headed over to the Sunnyside McMenamins mcmenamins sunnyside home.

Different McMenamins locations have items that you cannot necessarily  find at other McMenamins. Sunnyside has Scooby Snacks – Mini Corns Dogs served with yellow mustard. We got an order and they are great!

The other items that the Sunnyside McMenamins has that you can not necessarily  find at other McMenamins is The Jacks.

The Big Jack is grilled pastrami, peppers, onions,mushroom, and swiss cheese on a tosted French roll with secret sauce.

The Turkey Jack is all of the above fixins’ but with turkey instead.

Ken ordered the Turkey Jack and he liked it so much he had it devoured before I could get a picture . Now I will have to back and have one myself so I can get a picture for this post. 🙂

One other interesting note about the Sunnyside McMenamins is that they (like the Mall 205 location) have Gyros! ( the sandwich like thing, not the cool toy!)

for more on the Mall 205 McMenamins check out my post from 12/6/2009 28 Maple Grove 17 Jerry and Gyros

If you are ever in Portland it does not matter which McMenamins you go to, they are all good and no trip to Portland is complete without eating and raising a glass at a McMenamins!