I love to cook!

I went to Winco Foods this evening and I picked up the Fixins* for my Super Bowl spread! (* Yes—I have been to Arkansas and that’s where I learned to say “Fixins”!)

My media team and I will be doing some filming in the AM for my next project: LoanOfficerTNT.com (T.N.T. being Tips ‘n’ Tools). The current plan is to have that website go live March 1st.

LoanOfficerTNT.com will be a website designed to help Loan Officers Become More Effective. Become More Effective and BecomeMoreEffective.com are © 2010 Steven Shomler and Zesto INC.

Given that I will be filming most of the day, I have chosen a menu that does not have a lot of prep time. We will have pretty basic food, however it will be delicious!

Michael and Stephanie and the girls are coming over as well as Ken and hopefully Chris.

We will start with Ruffles and Mrs. Grass sour cream and onion dip, and HK Anderson double-baked butter pretzel balls. If you get the chance to try these pretzel balls—do so! They are very yummy!

Around the 2nd quarter I will serve:

Chili Dogs: comprised of Bar S Beef Hot Dogs, Nalley chili, yellow onion, and Kraft American cheese. I make a wonderful chili from scratch, however tomorrow it will just be easier to open a can. 🙁


Southwestern Corn Tomato Salad: I do not have a recipe for this, I am just making it up as I go along. This salad will have in it; corn, tomatoes, sweet onion, red onion, olive oil, chili powder, cayenne pepper and olive oil.

Salted Sliced Radishes

For beverages we will will have soda by the liter—Fanta Orange (caffeine free for Michael), A & W Root Beer, Coca Cola, and Cherry Crush and Strawberry Crush (for Zoe).

In The 3rd quarter we will enjoy the Rice Krispie marshmallow treats that Gayla and Zoe are going to make Sunday before the game. I cannot wait for kickoff!

I will take pictures and let you see how it all turns out!