version 1.0 Dec 2009. version 2.0 July 2010.

In September 2004 our family left Maple Grove MN and headed West to Oregon.

As we drove across the country we ended up basically following the Oregon Trail. The same route that pioneers followed in the 1840’s.

I have come to call our trek along the Oregon Trail and  what has transpired since then my westward journey.

I have been and am on a westward journey to The Good Life.

Version 1.0 of my blog started in December 2009.

I knew that I wanted to blog, I just was not sure what to blog about, so I just started writing and figured that I would find my way as I went.

From Dec 2009 to April  2010 I put up about 40 posts and I was delighted to discover that people liked and read and even subscribed to my blog, even though I did not yet have a cohesive theme.

I have spent May and June of 2010 refining the focus of my blog and nailing down both what is authentically me and what I am passionate about.

Big picture –Version 2.0 of my blog (July 2010 forward) will be about my primary passion which is to – Go Enjoy The Good Life.

See my page entitled Go Enjoy The Good Life to get a thumbnail sketch of how I define The Good Life.

Specifically on starting in July 2010 you will see posts about

My Personal Journey,

My Perspectives, (such as Go Enjoy The Good Life, Pursue Wholerness, 7 Life Trajectory Factors, Battle For Weight Loss, – for me that means don’t – Eat For Comfort, etc )

My Passions, (including great dining,  book reviews and the occasional movie review,)

and My Projects. (such as,,  Westward Brothers and the soon to be released  – TNT being – Tips N Training)

I encourage you to check out version 2.0 of my blog over the next few months and see if what I have to say resonates with you!

Steven Shomler