An Update on my Dream to Become an Author and a Speaker

Goal – Author and Speaker

In the summer of 2011 I stood in a dirt driveway In Southeast Portland and decided that I was going to take my writing seriously and pursue my dream of becoming a full time Author and Speaker.

Goal – Food Writer

Two months later, in September of 2011 I decided that I would also become a Food Writer.  I began visiting Food Carts. My plan was to start my Food Writer endeavor writing about Food Carts.

Jan 1st, 2012 I launched Portland Food Cart Adventures.

I quickly fell in love the Food Cart owners who were making what I call Food Cart Magic happen.

Many of those Food Cart owners could cook – very well. Some of them needed real help with Branding, and Marketing and Social Media.  I realized that my journey to that point had prepared me to serve them and assist them.

My First Three Startups

Prior to 2011, I had been involved in three startups myself. Two had succeeded and one had failed. I learned from all three experiences.

Startup Tenacity

I knew about the hard work, long hours and mindset needed to lead a startup to success. I call all of that – Startup Tenacity. If you don’t have Startup Tenacity, your startup will fail.

Branding, Marketing and Social Media

I also had some battle tested ideas about Branding, Marketing and Social Media. I was using these ideas in my fourth startup ~ Steven Shomler – Author and Speaker.

Consulting Food Cart Owners

In the Summer of 2012, I began offering consulting services to Food Cart owners assisting them with the the Branding, Marketing and Social Media elements of their business. I also began consulting with Food Cart owners about ways they could grow and expand their Food Cart businesses.

In the beginning, I offered these consulting services for free because Food cart owners had no money and I wanted to give back to this wonderful hard working community of entrepreneurs.

Today, I charge Food Cart owners for my Food Cart Consulting services. If they buy me a cup of coffee, or a beer, or a whiskey, I will give them two hours of my best stuff. For more info on the Food Cart Consulting I do, you can go to

Stuff Your Face Productions

I have even assisted Food Cart Owners with their Kickstarter projects. I started Stuff Your Face Productions and working with the Ken Wilson – the Media Maestro , we have made two Kickstarter videos for Food Cart owners.

For Moberi –

For Gaufre Gourmet –


I kept writing about Food Carts and in the Summer of 2013 I got my first contract to write a book.

In April of 2014, my publisher released Portland Food Cart Stories.

I had dreamed about that day for more than 20 years. For those of us who have dreamed about being an Author – there is nothing like seeing a book you wrote on the shelf in a book store. #DreamsDoComeTrue

I am now in the process of finishing up my second culinary book – Portland Beer Stories. Portland Beer Stories will be released by the publisher in the Spring of 2015.

Next Summer – 2015, I will write my third culinary book.

Radio Host 

In the Fall of 2014 I got offered to host my own radio show on Portland Radio Project. Portland Radio Project is a music station that plays, Rock, Folk and Blues. We also play a local Northwest artist every 15 minutes!

My show is Tasty Tuesday and I am on the air every Tuesday morning from 7-10 AM.

At 9:00 AM each week, I have a special culinary guest join me in studio for an on-air interview.  Eight out of ten times this guest is a Food Cart owner.


In 2014 I began speaking on Branding, Marketing and Social Media.

Even better, I am already booked to speak and events and conferences next year -2015!


October of 2014 I launched Shomler Consulting and I am now offering my consulting services to those who want to hire me. I love helping people make it happen!

Three Years!

It has been three years since I stood in that dirt driveway and said that I was going to become an Author and a Speaker. I am making progress! It has been quite a ride with a number of highlights! Here are a few of them!

I got to speak on the Chef’s Stage at the 2014 Bite of Oregon. I even have a video of that presentation that I will posting online very soon!

I helped start the Portland Summer Summer Food Cart Festival. You can’t imagine how much work it is to start a festival!

In the Spring of 2014, I got to go to Louisiana to be a celebrity judge at the 29th Annual World  Championship Crawfish Etouffee Cookoff!  Speaking of Louisiana, I get to go back in 2015 to be part of the first ever Experience Louisiana Festival! I can’t wait for that trip!

I am now serving as one of organizers of the Portland Spring Beer and Wine Fest now in it’s 21st year! The Portland Spring Beer and Wine Fest is the largest Spring beer festival in the US.

I first helped out with the 20th edition in 2014 and I am so looking forward to the 21st edition happening April 3 and 4, 2015 at the Oregon Convention Center!

We meet every week to work on this event and our latest project a much needed brand refresh.  I have had a blast working on the Portlsnd Spring and Beer Wine Fest.

My Long Term Goal

My long term goal is to be a Speaker and an Author who receive a full time income working part time so I can — #1 Provide a better life for my family, #2 Live the life I imagine, and #3 See the beaches of the world.

Battle For Your Dream

If you have a dream, I encourage you to battle for it. I can tell you two things

#1 Dreams Do Come True

#2 You are worth it.

That’s it!

I am Steven Shomler and I am in the hunt for dreams!