Happy 2018 Steven Shomler

Happy 2018!

The New Year is upon us and I hope that you have begun to think about what 2018 will look like for you.

I believe that within each of us is a yearning to have healing come to some of the more broken parts of our lives — to be able to joyfully say, “this is how life was meant to be”

I know that some people have quieted that yearning so that they rarely sense it, or worse yet, some have come to believe that life change can’t happen and they hinder and hassle those who want to live a better life.

I know first hand that:

Life change CAN happen, that

Dreams DO come true, and that

People CAN go live the life they imagine.

Let 2018 by a year where you purposely seek healing in those more broken areas ( in the brokener parts of you life if you prefer) and go live the life you imagine!

I am wishing you a 2018 marked by Joy, Fulfillment, Adventure, and Pleasure! These are The Four Treasures and throughout this year I will be telling you more about them.

As for myself – I am going to continue to seek healing in the brokener parts of my life, and I going to continue to pursue the life I imagine, and enjoy this deeply fulfilling life I have built over the past 6 and half years.

I already some awesome adventures scheduled for this year and I hope that do as well!

May you many times this year exclaim – “Fuck Yeah!”


I so hope that 2018 is filled with hope and joy for you and that as you look to the New Year that you are “Feeling Good”

I love this version of that song by Joe Bonamassa –


I am honored to be your friend & ally, and I believe in the beauty of your dream,



2018 is going to be epic! Steven Shomler!