Do You Enjoy The Hunt ?


If you have a dream and if you want to see that dream come true, you have to be In The Hunt. I wrote about that in my article – Are You In The Hunt? www.areyouinthehunt.com

It is one thing to be in the hunt, It is quite another thing to enjoy the hunt.

Recently a friend of mine shared this bit of brillance with me –

“Success is truly a journey…I need to make certain I focus on the daily efforts and enjoy the trip.” – Robert McMahon

Lots of wisdom in those three thoughts.

#1 Yes  – Success is a journey.

#2 Yes – Without focusing on your daily efforts, your dream will not come true. I call the daily efforts that you need to focus on to see your dreams come true Battle Winning Tasks – www.battlewinningtasks.com

#3  YES – you need to enjoy the trip.


Enjoy The Hunt For Your Dream

I have a friend who hunts with a bow and with a rifle. He loves to hunt. He has a great time hunting. Even when he does not come home with something for the freezer/fridge, he loves to go hunting. Driving out to the hunting camp, setting up the hunting camp, walking up and down the hills through the brush – he enjoys all of it and his enjoyment leaks out of him. When Mark talks about hunting, you can tell that he loves it.

With a bow

Hunting takes effort and if Mark did not enjoy hunting, he would not keep doing it.

If you do not enjoy the hunt for your dream, you will eventually quit battling for it.

You Can Only Gut it Out For So Long

I been around sales organizations that try to get people to pursue a sales career, when they do not enjoy sales. People in that situation are told “Put in the work and it will pay off.” That is true. However If the work is drudgery to you, you won’t keep at it. If the work is onerous to you, you will eventually stop doing it.

rebar  Iron workers  iron workers 2

When I was much younger, I spent three weeks working with my friend Mississippi, on a job he had graciously gotten for me. I worker as a Ironworker. I “punked iron” i.e. I carried lots of rebar from point A to point B. I tied lots of rebar together with wire using a special pair of pliers. We were North of Seattle building an overpass that crossed I-5.

Wow! That was hard work. I was with a happy crew of guys who loved what they did. The pay was good. I was encouraged to stay with it and make a career of it. I moved on other things because I did not enjoy the work enough to stick with it.


Work is a Four Letter Word

Don’t get me wrong, work takes effort and it is tiring. I do not mean to suggest that if you enjoy the hunt, that all if the sudden the work you need to do to make your dreams come true will seem like a day spent laying in a cabana by the pool at the Fontainebleau.

Work, even when you enjoy it, is still work. However, If you enjoy the process of working to make your dream come true, you are more likely to stick with it.


What if I do Not Enjoy The Hunt?

If you find your self not enjoying the hunt for your dream, I would encourage you to figure out whether or not you are pursing the dream that is right for you.

If you want to be a famous chef, you need to enjoy cooking. If you want to be an author  you are going to have to be willing to do quite a bit of writing and if you do not enjoy writing, I am not sure how you will be able to finish an entire book.

Ask This Question – Does The Hunt Inspire You?

Dreams that are right for us, come out of our passions. Working toward your dream should inspire you and leave you feeling fired up! Spend a while day working toward your dream, and you will likely be tired, perhaps even very tired, however you will head to bed feeling energized and satisfied.

I have seen people work at jobs, that do not fulfill them and I have seen how doing that eats away at a person. I have seen pastors who do not enjoy the work of being a pastor, who wonder why thier church does not grow. I have seen salespeople who do not enjoy sales, who wonder why their sales volume is pitiful. Do not be that person. Especially when it comes to your dream.

Make sure that the dream that you in the hunt for is the right dream for you. Make sure that you Enjoy The Hunt.

That’s it;

I am Steven Shomler and I am pulling for you!  Go Live the Good Life!

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