Choose a Theme For Your 2017

Choose a Theme For Your 2017

Twelve days ago, my son Zac Shomler made a poignant video that inspired me to come up with a theme for my 2017.

In this video Zac talked about how tough 2016 has been for many of us and he said –

 “2017 will be what we make of it.”

From the moment I heard Zac say those words they gripped my heart and they have not let me go.

Choose Your Theme For 2017

It occurred to me that when I choose a particular WordPress theme for one of my websites that the theme sets the tone for the entire project.

I realized that I could do the same thing with my 2017.

For the past 12 days I have been journaling about what theme I want for my 2017 . I have been talking to myself as I walk and drive around Portland about what I want to make of my 2017.

My thoughts and ideas are beginning to take shape and I am excited about what is being ignited in my heart.  Later this week, with Zac’s help, I will film a video sharing my 2017 theme.

What is Your 2017 Theme?

I invite you to take some time and invest in yourself.

Ponder what you would title your 2017 theme.

Get out a yellow pad of paper and a blue pen and scratch out some key elements that you want to be part of your 2017.

Zac was 100% accurate when he said that “2017 will be what we make of it.” 

Make The Most of Your 2017

I know first-hand that the five life changing declarations below are true. Read over them and see if one of them resonates with your heart —

#1 You can create your future.

#2 You can live the life you imagine. 

#3 If you have a dream that smolders in your heart, you can battle for it.

#4 You can bootstrap your way to a better life.

#5 You can choose a more fulfilling path.

If you just had a moment of ache or joy reading one of those declarations, if one of them struck a chord in your heart, embrace it and listen to it and take action.

Taking the time to determine your 2017 theme is a great way to begin the next chapter in your journey.

I am Steven Shomler and I know that you can change your life.



Steven Shomler