Bonfire Caravan

Bonfire Caravan

Bonfire Caravan is a very special community of people who are all pursing Life Change in way or another who cheer each other on.

Some of the people in this community  are building brands, some them are building businesses, some of them are pursuing the dream of becoming an Author, others are learning to play a musical instrument, some are pursuing Life Change as it relates to physical fitness goals, and some are taking the steps needed to have a new career, I could go on. You get the idea.

Regardless of what life change is being pursued, everyone in this community cheers each other on.

My name is Steven Shomler and I founded and lead this community because when I decided to completely change my life in the summer of 2011 I did not have very many people cheering me on.

In fact – I had a number of people telling me that I was crazy and that I would never make it. That was so painful. Bonfire Caravan is the encouraging community I wished I had back then.

What It Takes to Join Bonfire Caravan – The 3 Requests 

To join Bonfire Caravan we request that you:

#1 Please be ready to tell those who will cheer you on what the specific Life Change is that that you are pursuing.

Please Note this important detail – If you are going to pursue life change, be very careful who you tell this fact to. Sadly, it is common for friends and family to not be supportive when someones says that they are going to make a positive change in their life.

See this Spark to Bonfire video for  more information –

#2 Please be ready to first discover, and then talk about the external doable steps you need to take that that will lead to life change you desire.

#3 Commit to being a positive and encouraging influence within the Bonfire Caravan community.

Join the Bonfire Caravan Community

If you are ready to join the Bonfire Caravan community and you are good with the 3 requests above – please see the sign up form below.

Simply type in your first name, your last name, state the life change you are pursuing, enter your email address, and hit the button that says –

“I want To Join The Bonfire Caravan Community”

You do that and I will email you a personalized official certificate welcoming you to Bonfire Caravan community and along with that certificate I will let you know how you can interact with us.

I will also send you one encouraging email a month that goes out to everyone who is a part of the Bonfire Caravan community.

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I look forward to hearing your story, learning about the Life Change that that you are pursuing, and cheering you on as you pursue the life you imagine!

You are welcome to email me at [email protected]

I am Steven Shomler and I believe in the beauty of your dream!

Go Live The Life You Imagine!




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Bonfire Caravan