Are You Hungry Enough? A Battle For Your Dream Article


Are Your Hungry Enough?

Teams that are hungry to win, tend to win.

People that are hungry for a victory tend do the work necessary to have a victory.

In the Summer of 2011 I stood in a dirt driveway in SE Portland and said that I was going to take my writing seriously and that I was going to become a Speaker and an Author.

Dreams Do Come True

Three years later, I am on my way. One book published. The second book is coming along nicely and I just received the contract for my third book.

I was Hungry

In the Summer of 2011, I was hungry for a better life. I was hungry enough to face some pretty tough obstacles and put in work night after night, to see my dreams come true.

I was Hungry Enough to Put in The Work

Since the Summer of 2011 I have worked very hard to become a Speaker and an Author.

I have spent many hours sitting is this chair typing on this keyboard—writing to make it happen. You see, if you are going to be an Author, you have to write books and that means lots of typing.

I was hungry enough to do the work needed.

The question is—are you hungry enough?


Are Your Hungry Enough?

Are you hungry enough to do the work needed to see your dreams come true?

Are you hungry enough to pay the price so that you can live the dream?

Are you hungry enough to keep working—when others tell you that you will not make it?

Are you hungry enough to work consistently and build up momentum?

Are you hungry enough to change your approach if needed?

The Ache of Unfulfilled Dreams

I  know what it is like to have an unfulfilled dream smoldering in your heart. I know the ache that come with unfilled dreams. I also know the joy that comes when you finally get hungry enough and you start battling for that dream.

Inspire and Equip

I can equip you to effectively battle for your dream.

However… If you are not yet hungry enough to pay the price for your dream, all the equipping in the world won’t help.

If you are not yet hungry enough the best that I can do is hope to inspire you and awaken your hunger.


Battle For Your Dream

I would love to help you battle for your dream. Before I invest too much of my time into helping you achieve your dream—I am going to ask you if you are hungry enough…

If you are—I can usually tell. If you aren’t—I can usually tell.

It does not really matter what I think. What matters is the answer you get when you ask yourself if you are hungry enough….

Let me close with his question –

Are you hungry enough?

That’s It;

I am Steven Shomler and I believe in the beauty of your dream.

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