My Four Delights

My Four Delights Steven Shomler

My Four Delights

I love #1 life change, #2 great meals, #3 great travel, and #4 being a storyteller. I call those 4 elements my four delights.

So What? Why Should You Care?

Because – to one degree or another, my professional life today revolves around those four delights and that was not always true.

In the Summer of 2011 I decided to change my life, and build a whole new career out of thin air. I wanted my work to bring me Joy and Fulfillment.

Today most of the work I do involves me working in areas that delight me – i.e. my work brings me joy and fulfillment and that feels soooo good!

Does Your Work Bring You Joy and Fulfillment?

If so – Great!

If not – you can change you life so that your work involves you working in areas that delight you – i.e. your work can bring you joy and fulfillment!

Furthermore – I give you permission to have your work bring you joy and fulfillment.

What Title Do You Want?

Check this out! Not only can your work bring you joy and fulfillment – you can have the work titles that you want as well!

I came up with three professional titles that exemplify the work life I want to be fully experiencing. That’s right I made them up.

These days when someone asks me “what I do” I throw out one (or all) of these three professional titles:

LifeStory Alchemist,

Culinary Storyteller , and

Savory Travel Advocate

Click on the link(s) above to read more about the title(s) that interest you.

What I hope interests you more is you coming up with the title(s) that you would want on your business  card.


I am Steven Shomler – I know that Life Change Can Happen, and I believe in the beauty of your dream!




My Four Delights - Steven Shomler