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Spark To Bonfire Consulting

I am Steven Shomler and I am the Founder of Spark to Bonfire.

I speak, write, teach, consult, and coach about Storytelling and Achievement.

I work with both businesses and individuals.  And if you qualify, I will work with you or your company.

Go Live The Life You Imagine

I inspire and equip people to take their idea, or brand, or company from a Spark to a Bonfire So they can go live they life they imagine.

You can leverage the power of Storytelling and master the three primary elements of Achievement so that you can Go Live The You Imagine.



My definition of Storytelling telling includes BrandingMarketing, and Social Media.

Your Brand is your story and Marketing is tastefully telling your story –

Social Media is an incredible tool that when handled skillfully. will fuel your bonfire.

I teach my clients how to effectively leverage Storytelling.


The three primary elements of Achievement are TenacityStrategy, and Execution.

I teach my clients how to master the three primary elements of Achievement

Most of the clients I work with today come from referrals, however if you feel that we would be a good fit and you want to talk about our possibly working together  please email me at

Please put “Working Together” in the subject line.



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