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Spark to Bonfire Consulting

Spark to Bonfire Consulting is the name of Steven Shomler’s consulting company.

If you want to work with Steven please email him at [email protected]


First Time Coffee with Steven – Some people want to meet with Steven and pick his brain for advice and wisdom, and to see if they want retain him on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to have a First Time Coffee with Steven  – you buy the cup of coffee (or the beer or the whiskey) and bring $99 with you, and he will be glad to collect that $99 and give you 45 minutes of his time.

Weekly or Monthly Coffee With Steven – If would like to meet with Steven on an ongoing basis and receive his Bonfire Insights over the course of a number of meetings (see below) Steven is willing to meet with you weekly or monthly.

Three each weekly or monthly one-hour meetings with Steven are $200 an hour.

Six each weekly or monthly one-hour meetings with Steven are $150 a hour.

Twelve each weekly or monthly one-hour meetings with Steven are $100 a hour.

A One Time (Not Ongoing) one-hour Bonfire Insights meeting is $250.

Bonfire Insights

One of the services Steven offers is his Bonfire Insights. When Steven meets with a client he listens to their story with his heart, his head, and his gut.

As Steven listens to someone’s story, he always sees doable steps they could take, and positive changes that could be made, that will help his clients get to where they want to go much faster.

For example – Steven often helps people refine their strategy so that they have Next Step Doable Step Strategy. Most people have strategies that are not helpful to them. Steven changes that and provide his clients with strategies that actually work.

Steven has helped entrepreneurs  completely change their business model so that they could work less, make more money, and experience greater fulfillment.

Steven has, on occasion, told entrepreneurs  that they need to change the name of their start up  — one entrepreneur that listened to Steven and changed the name of their start up saw their annul sales (which had been stagnant for two years) quadruple year over year.


Steven teaches that the three primary elements of Achievement are TenacityStrategy, and Execution.

Steven teach his clients how to master those three achievement elements so that they can be more effective and reach their goals faster and with alacrity.


Steven’s definition of Storytelling telling includes BrandingMarketing, and Social Media.

Your Brand is your story.  Marketing is tastefully telling your story. (By the way – those 11 words make up Steven’s 11 word Branding and Marketing Seminar)

Social Media is an incredible tool that when handled skillfully, will fuel your bonfire.

Steven teaches his clients how to effectively leverage Storytelling by harnessing the power of Branding, Marketing, and Social Media.

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