Kick Ass Plant Based Foods


Kick Ass Plant Based Foods

Kick Ass Plant Based Foods

Steven Shomler became one of the owners of Kick Ass Plant Based Foods on Jan 1st 2018.

Kick Ass Plant Based Foods makes food that is both plant based and incredibly good!

Kick Ass Plant Based Foods is the parent company of Lucky Rabbit Snacks, Vivian Lee Kimchi, and BeebeeOn Mung Bean Burgers!

Steven looks forward to doing his part to help this innovative and burgeoning culinary company grow.

See below for the Kick Ass Plant Based Foods story.

     Kick Ass Plant Based Foods       Kick Ass Plant Based Foods

Kick Ass Plant Based Foods

The Kick Ass Plant Based Foods Story

Vivian Lee is the Founder of Kick Ass Plant Based Foods.

Vivian’s parents – Wan and Sook immigrated from South Korea and North Korea to the United States, and they met each other in college in California.

Steves Lunch

Following school, Vivian’s parents moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan and that is where Vivian grew up helping out in the diner that her parent’s owned – Steve’s Lunch.

 One fun side note – Steve’s Lunch was featured in the 2016 book – Iconic Restaurants of Ann Arbor by Jon Milan and Gail Offen.

Vivian has loved food for as long as she can remember. One of Vivian’s earliest culinary memories is her mom making Kimchi. In first grade Vivian began cooking and peanut butter cookies was the very first thing she made.

At 10 years old Vivian started her first business selling egg rolls at the Ann Arbor Arts Festival.

Following high school Vivian attended Tufts University and then went on to the University of Oregon School of Law. Vivian practiced law for a number of years and in 2015 she fulfilled her long-held childhood dream of starting a food company making food both that both tasted great and was healthy.

 Lucky Rabbit Snacks was Vivian’s first brand – launched in 2015. Today you can find Lucky Rabbit Snacks at Whole FoodsMarket of ChoiceGreen Zebras Grocery, and many other places in the Portland metro. Note – All of the Lucky Rabbit products are vegan and they taste great!

Kick Ass Plant Based Foods  Kick Ass Plant Based Foods  Kick Ass Plant Based Foods

In 2017 Kick Ass Plant Based Foods launched Vivian Lee Kimchi with three flagship offerings – Traditional Kimchi, Vegan Kimchi, and a Watermelon, Pear & Jicama Kimchi.

Vivian Lee Kimchi will be in stores early 2018.

In the spring of 2018 Kick Ass Plant Based Foods will launch BeebeeOn Mung Bean Burgers.