Go Live the Good Life

Go Live the Good Life!


One of my perspectives and deeply held convictions is that you have got to –

Go Live The Good Life!

As I define it, The Good Life is comprised of 3 primary elements.

The 3 primary Good Life Elements are:

#1 Enjoy Life.

#2 Pursue Wholerness.

#3 Make a Difference.

Read those 7 words again – they are life changing!

Learn to embrace and implement the 3 Good Life Elements  and you will Enjoy The Good Life.

Let me briefly explain the 3 primary Good Life Elements.

#1 Enjoy Life.

In my experience it is common for people to not actually know how to Enjoy Life. People often pursue pleasure, however pursuing pleasure  is very different from Enjoying Life.

I myself had to develop the skill and perspective needed to Enjoy Life. Sadly I spent the first 38 or so years of my life not Enjoying Life. Thankfully in November of 2007 I was introduced to the concept and I spent the next 2 years getting to where I could actually Enjoy Life.

More info on first element of The Good Life -Enjoying Life to soon follow, for now let me say this-

It is likely that if you are not Enjoying Life you would do well to Pursue Wholerness. The Wholer you become the more you are able to Enjoy Life and that  leads us to The second element of The Good Life –

#2 Pursue Wholerness.  

Of course there is a reason I say Wholerness and not Wholeness and I look forward to sharing that with you sometime soon.

I encourage people to Pursue Wholerness in the following 7 Life Trajectory Factors.

Life Trajectory Factors determine where your life is currently headed.

You want to know where you are likely to be in 5 years, consider your health and vitality or lack thereof in the following 7 Life Trajectory Factors.

You want to change the direction of your life? Pursue Wholerness in these 7 areas.

In no particular order the the 7  Life Trajectory Factors I encourage you to start with are your:

#1 Work Life

#2 Spiritual Life

#3 Physical Fitness

#4 Financial Fitness (having fitness here is really good!)

#5 Your Home Team (Family and friends)

#6  Emotional Fitness (I do not think that you can be healthy spiritually or effective relationally without being emotionally fit)

#7 Relational Effectiveness

I have had a lot of brokenness in each of those  7 Life Trajectory Factors (LTFs). Each time I  have experienced growth in one of those various LTFs I have been able to Enjoy Life a little more.

For more on Wholerness check out stevenshomler.com/2012/10/30/pursue-wholerness

#3 Make a Difference

It is my perspective that if you are Enjoying Life and you have made Pursuing Wholerness a consistent part of your journey you are likely in a good place to Make a Difference.

In my opinion, until you are doing something to Make a Difference you will not fully Live The Good Life.

You have to give back – somewhere, somehow.

I am not concerned with what you might do to Make a Difference, I am sure you can figure something to do to serve outside of yourself.

I am more concerned with when you set out to Make A Difference.

Ideally I think that you should set out to Make a Difference once you are able to enjoy life with some level of minimal competency and you have made pursuing wholerness in the brokener parts of your life a consistent part of your journey.

Brokener? If you are like me, you have brokenness in your life. The thing to do to address the parts that are more broken then others. I call the more broken parts of your life the “brokener” parts of your life.

Let me put it this way – clean up your own room before you try to change the world.

I spent 7 plus years of my life working full time as a pastor and a church planter. I  set out to make a difference in the lives of others. Thankfully  in  spite of all of my brokenness I actually did Make a Difference in the lives of others during that time.

However I would have been more effective had I been encouraged and taught to more directly pursue wholerness in the 7 LTFs referenced above.

Sadly sometimes people are encouraged to give of themselves to Make a Difference even though their own life is a mess. Often that kind of approach has less then desired results.

I am not saying that you need to have the mess all cleaned up to be  able to Make a Difference, just began the process of cleaning then go make a difference.

When it comes to Making a Difference Look at it this way,

Who do you think is likely to make a greater positive impact-

  1. Someone who does not their enjoy life,who is not addressing the brokener parts of their life, or
  2. Someone who enjoys their life and who is consistently addressing the brokener parts of their life?

I hope that the perspectives shared here inspire you to Go Live The Good  Life.


The Good Life or the Common Life?

My friend Marc recently reminded me that a helpful teaching technique is to compare and contrast. You can Go Live The Good Life or you can Go Live the Common Life. For more on The Common Life go to www.golivethecommonlife.com

The 4th Good Life Element

By the way, there is a 4 Good Life Elements that applies only to some people.

To see find out more about the 4th Good Life Element go here – www.battleforyourdream.com

Steven Shomler


4 Responses to Go Live the Good Life

  1. Gregg Swanson says:

    Greetings Steve,
    I applaud and welcome your joining the ranks of those gifted people joined in the cause of raising awareness and helping others to becomce more conscious of themselves and have deeper understanding of themselves and the life we have all been given to grow and learn in.

    I was set upon my own path of confronting my own brokeness over 15 years ago, and I confess, once begun, I have never been content to accept anything less. It has built in me, a passionate desire to open myself to all the experiences that come my way, in a deep belief that they are meant to serve in my healing, growth, and transformation. A plan of that Great Spirit who made me and put me here.

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  4. Julie says:

    I really like this one..great job!

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