Bonfire Tribe

Bonfire Tribe Steven Shomler

Bonfire Tribe

I know that you can – Change Your Life, Build Your Brand, and Build Your Business!

If you know what it is like to long for a different life, or if you have the ache of an unfulfilled dream smoldering in your heart, you have to set out and Battle For Your Dream, and/or Go Live The Life You Imagine!

I inspire and equip people to pursue each of those brave endeavors.

When I decided in the summer of 2011 to change my life and build a new career out of thin air, I did not know anyone else our there who doing such a crazy thing.

Now I am blessed with a community, a tribe if you will of incredible people who are working hard to see their Spark grow into a Bonfire!

I love those who are part of the Bonfire Tribe and the Bonfire Caravan and getting to serve and cheer those people on is deeply fulfilling!

If any of this resonates with you, you are welcome to read some of my content and see if being a part of the Bonfire Tribe and the Bonfire Caravan is a good fit for you.


I am Steven Shomler and I believe in the beauty of your dream!

Go Live The Life You Imagine!